On Monday, July 24, 2017, Head of West Java Province National Anti-Narcotics Agency -BNN, Brigadier General Rusnadi said that in West Java, narcotic cases or abuses continue to increase. Based on Regional Provincial Police’s data from 2015 to 2017, the tendency continues to rise, and marijuana is still a type of narcotics widely used because it is easily obtained and produced in Indonesia. The rise of drug use and its circulation, which still cannot be thoroughly eradicated, has become common concern of Indonesian nation. Moreover, smuggling drugs into Indonesia illegally in various ways are increasingly rampant. To overcome this, information from the community is needed to inhibit the movement of drug dealers. This proved to be the start to prevent drug distribution to the hands of consumers. 

War on drugs will continue until it completely and thoroughly disappears from Indonesia. Socialization on drugs by the government was primarily waged by schools. The government asks parents and teachers to open up and give full attention to the children. It is believed that it can prevent children from falling into various social diseases, including drug abuse. But the eradication and prevention of drug abuse are not as easy as turning the hand palm. Various laws and regulations have been issued, but the mafias or the mastermind of drug trafficking seem to be more and more freely distributing drugs, even though the government has applied strict regulations. It seems that the government and the people of Indonesia have to work harder to eradicate drugs. War on drugs is still not completed. The state of drugs emergency has not ended.

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