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Solution to end child poverty problem

COMMENTARY 27.07.2017

Ending child poverty is an effort to be continuously undertaken by world governments, including Indonesia. Child poverty is not limited to the non-fulfillment of basic needs commonly measured from the monetary aspect. It can also be measured through wider and multidimensional aspects. Take for example, the poor children are difficult to gain access to adequate housing facilities, nutritionally adequate food, health and education services and the right to receive birth registration.

We all know that poor children do not have adequate access to good health care, malnutrition and negligence. Poverty can force children to the streets where they face exploitation and mistreatment. It also pushes early marriage.

Despite poverty number has declined over the last decade, more than 11 million Indonesian children are still below the national poverty line. This was reported by Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics, Kecuk Suharyanto in the launching of the book 'Child Poverty Analysis and Deprivation of Basic Rights of Children in Indonesia’ in Jakarta on last Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

Children who grow up in poverty tend to do unsatisfying result at schools or discontinue their education. This disrupts the transition from education to work and brings about disadvantageous risk to Indonesia's economic growth.

Therefore, the government of Indonesia is trying to reduce the poverty rate of children by launching the 9-year compulsory education program and providing Smart Indonesian Card –KIP and Healthy Indonesia Card. The Smart Indonesian Card is provided as a marker and is used to ensure all school-aged children (6-21 years old) to enjoy the benefits of the Smart Indonesian Program. At the initial phase of 2014, KIP has been printed for approximately 160 thousand students in public schools as well as Madrasahs in 19 regencies/cities.

Hopefully with the government's efforts, Indonesia can end the poverty of children and everyone can gain benefit from a strong and stable government.


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