Actually, there are no region and ideology boundaries in the life of the nation and the state. According to Aristotle, man is a social creature. And when examined more broadly on a macro scale, a country as a perpetrator in international relations, has the same characteristics with humans in general. Man needs socializing, making firends and mingle with others.

What becomes a problem is probably when Indonesia as a nation with Pancasila ideology must mingle and befriend with country with communism ideology. While it seems that the word Communist will only open Indonesia’s black memory in history. For example G30S PKI tragedy in 1966 when some Army generals were killed and put into a hole. The tragedy then made communism forbidden in this country. Should Indonesia stay away from a communist country, and only associate with a democratic liberal state?

On the other hand, how many more in the world are countries that still really adhere to communism? Even in the country of origin, the Soviets that have now become Russia, the ideology has faded away. Likewise, China, although still calling itself communist, its actions have been very much capitalist that once supposedly became its enemy. The world’s politics map has changed greatly compared to the Cold War era decades ago. In the context of inter-state cooperation, consideration of a relationship is more about how each country can gain mutual benefits, rather than ideologically interdependent.

Currently, the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong is visiting Indonesia and is welcomed formally by the Government of Indonesia. In 2013, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received visits from a delegation of Chinese Communist Party Secretaries. Perhaps there are still people who question the openness of Indonesia to a country with communism ideology, whether due to a trauma or lack of observation of international political developments. But as a country with good manners, Indonesia is obliged to welcome the goodwill of the visit as normal in the world’s association. Indonesia with its free and active foreign politics are free to associate with any country, and actively maintain the world’s peace.

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