Indonesian cyberspace has recently been shocked by a report of the Indonesian Police personnel who have succeeded in revealing Saracen syndicate allegedly spread hate speech in social media. Based on police investigation by digital forensic search, Saracen which spread provocation-related content on Ethnic, Religion, Race and Inter Groups (SARA) in social media has 2.000 social media accounts which were later developed into 800,000 accounts used to spread hate content.

Saracen is a syndicate which spread provocation content related to Tribe, Religion, Race and Inter Groups (SARA) in social media. The Indonesian Police have arrested three people suspected to manage Saracen content. Through social media, like Facebook and twitter, Saracen spread content containing hate speech. In fact, Saracen also manages a special news site to satisfy its customers. The Police confirmed that it also manages content related to Tribe, Religion, Race and Inter Groups (SARA) to satisfy a particular party. Saracen charged tens of millions for each content it produced and distributed.

The Indonesian Police reveal that Saracen syndicate has been running hate speech business through various social media accounts and pages in cyberspace since November 2015, including spreading false news or hoax during Jakarta Regional Head Election. Saracen members are adept at creating fake, anonymous, semianonim, to real accounts, and can recover accounts that have been blocked in an organized way.

Saracen is different from other accounts such as instagram for example, which has made hate speech accounts since a long time. Saracen tries to frame an event and gives erroneous information constantly, so that the public consider it a truth.

The current political condition in Indonesia has been said to be the cause of increasing hate spreading business in cyberspace or known as e-hate. The heated up political situation ahead of the Presidential Election, although it will be held in 2019, can already be felt from now with the support of supporting several political parties against certain candidates.

The perpetrators of e-hate business make a profit by provoking through hoaxes that are continuously produced by order. They disseminate content that denounces ethnic, religious, racial, or political views as opposed to the subscriber. Hate content spreading syndicates like Saracen have enormous damage to the unity of the country. So no wonder if the government through the Indonesian National Police moved quickly to reveal and capture the perpetrators involved in this e-hate business.

Three Saracen suspects will be charged under the law on Electronic Information and Transaction (ITE) for hate speech with defamation. However, it is possible that the perpetrators will also be sued by other law provisions. Amid the current flow of information, the public should be wiser in filtering and disseminating information and always make a confirmation of the spreading issues.

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