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Giving satisfaction to customers

On September 4, Indonesia commemorates National Customer Day. This commemoration is held to give appreciation and attention to Indonesian consumers. Since officially launched in 2003, various activities have been done by the manufacturers to express their gratitude to the customers.

On National Customer Day this year, state-owned oil company, PT Pertamina, for example, provides free Pertamax fuel for selected and lucky customers. In addition, some customers get special gifts. Mobile Phone Operators also participate in providing attractive prizes for their loyal customers. Other producers have their own way of expressing their gratitude to customers. Directors of several companies went straight to meet with customers, as done by the President Director of state-electricity company - PT PLN, Sofyan Basir who visited Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital in Jakarta.

On one hand, it is normal for the manufacturers to use the National Customer Day by giving extra attention to their customers. On the other hand, this momentum should also be used by consumers to be wiser and more critical in buying something. Quoting the Indonesian Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani about the National Customer Day, the more critical the customer is, the better the production is.

Manufacturers must never stop providing the best service for customers as their consumers. Because customers are also getting smarter in shopping. One of them can be seen through the trend of online shopping through the internet which is getting easier. Through this way of shopping, people can more easily compare the price and quality of goods purchased. Manufacturers should try harder to address this, especially considering the large number of internet users in Indonesia. The survey, conducted throughout 2016, found that 132.7 million Indonesians were connected to the internet. As the total population of Indonesia reaches 256.2 million people. So, more than half have the potential to shop online.

Meanwhile, in early 2017, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics released data that the value of online transactions in Indonesia during 2016 reached $4.89 billion dollars or 68 trillion rupiah. Minister of Communications and Informatics, Rudiantara estimates the value of transactions in 2017 will reach $5.29 billion dollars.

Customers will certainly continue to seek satisfaction through the ease of shopping at a lower price. Therefore, manufacturers must always pay attention to the attitudes, the ways and the voice of their consumers. Hopefully, efforts to satisfy and appreciate customers are not only done during the National Customer Day. All business actors should continue to improve their services to consumers. Advice and criticism from customers should become their inputs to improve their overall service performance.


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