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Economic program of sea toll road

Currently, the government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Transportation is aggressively building various infrastructure projects. Not only for land or air transport, but also sea infrastructure is integrated with each other. The great program of the presidential administration of Joko Widodo is known as the economic program of sea toll road.

This program is related with not only the operation of pioneer vessels, but also the construction of piers in remote regions, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia which is linked with integrated development in remote areas. Take for example, road construction, telecommunication infrastructure, electricity, and potential product development.

The sea toll road is a freeway shipping lane, connecting inter-island harbors in Indonesia. If the harbors are connected through sea tolls, it is expected that there will be no shortage of goods such as basic needs, fuels and cement in across Indonesia. Director of Sea Traffic and Transport (Dirlala) at Directorate-General of Sea Transportation, Bay M. Hasani said that the sea toll road is a sea transport connectivity which is effectively scheduled to serve ships from West to East Indonesia.

Sea line transportation through sea toll program has now 13 routes on which previously there were only 7 routes operating from Surabaya to reach the eastern part of Indonesia, and partly operating from Jakarta to Western Indonesia. The six new routes are prioritized for eastern part of Indonesia, as well as small regions in western Indonesia, namely Sumatra areas and Natuna. This program is also balanced with the development of the regional economy in transit.

The sea toll road development program which provides a sea transport network with subsidized and improved port facilities should be appreciated. The existence of the sea toll is really needed for the people, both those living in big cities and in remote rural villages that are difficult to be reached by land or air transport. This program has a positive impact on the distribution of goods which will certainly become more economical. In addition, the availability of the needed goods will be more secure and even distribution of development throughout Indonesia can be accomplished.


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