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Indonesia and Singapore must maintain good relationship and cooperation

This year, the relationship between Indonesia and Singapore is 50 years old. As two neighbors sharing the same border, their diplomatic relations are certainly dynamic. The question is what the impact of that relationship is. What has been achieved from the 50-year relationship of two countries?

In terms of investment, Singapore's investment to Indonesia continues to increase. Data showed last year that the country's total investment increased 55 percent to more than 122 trillion rupiah. Viewed from the less positive world economic conditions, the increase in Singapore's investment was noted as a remarkable change.

From political point of view, the relationship between the two neighboring countries is also relatively good. Being different from Malaysia, Indonesian relations with Singapore can be said safe and comfortable. Singapore as a small country, but having much better economy, the relations between the two countries is not disrupted by issues such as the one occurring in the Southern Philippines. This condition has contributed to political stability in  ASEAN region.

The traffic flow at both countries’ boundary also has gone on well. Every weekend, a lot of Singaporeans cross to Batam, Riau province and through Batam, some Indonesian citizens also visit Singapore.

From tourism sector, the cooperation should be much improved. The improvement is not only in the form of increasing the number of Singapore tourists who come to Indonesia, but also in the form of a reciprocal tourism cooperation visit called a joined tourist destination. The number of foreign tourists who visit Singapore is quite a lot. Through the cooperation of tourist destination, Singapore can more actively participate in promoting to tourists visiting the country to increase the length of their visit to Indonesia, not only to Batam but also to other places such as Borobudur, a number of tourism destinations in Sumatra and East Nusa Tenggara.

However, entering 50-year relationship between Indonesia and Singapore, both countries have to improve cooperation in various fields, especially defense and efforts to combat drug trafficking. The stability of security relationships is less vulnerable, so is the issue of narcotics circulation crossing the two countries’ border. (Kbl)


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