Today, precisely September 11, 2017, Radio Republik Indonesia commemorates its 72nd anniversary. As a public broadcasting institution, 72 years old is mature and has a lot of experiences. The establishment of Radio Republik Indonesia-RRI cannot be separated from the struggle of the Indonesian nation in maintaining its independence. RRI was born a month after the Japanese radio station Hoso Kyoku stopped its broadacst on August 19, 1945. At that time, the public did not receive any information and did not know what to do after Indonesia became independent. Moreover, foreign radio stations at that time reported that the British soldiers in the name of the allies would occupy Java and Sumatra. 

From the news it is known that the allies still recognize Dutch sovereignty over Indonesia. It was rumored that the Kingdom of the Netherlands want to establish an administration called Netherlands Indie Civil Administration (NICA). In response on this, people who had been active in broadcasting during the Japanese occupation realized that radio was an important tool for the government of the Republic of Indonesia to communicate and give guidance to the people about what to do. 

On September 11, 1945, a delegation consisting of those who had been involved in Hosu Kyoku radio, Abdulrahman Saleh, Adang Kadarusman, Soehardi, Soetarji Hardjolukita, Soemarmadi, Sudomomarto, Harto and Maladi, met with the government in Jakarta. The final result of the meeting was the establishment of Radio Repubik Indonesia (RRI) with Abdulrachman Saleh as its leader. As time goes by, the role of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) is constantly changing. At the beginning of its establishment, RRI was a radio of struggle that helped to boost the fighting spirit to maintain independence. In the era of the Old Order under the government of President Soekarno and the New Order under President Soeharto, RRI was used by the Indonesian government at that time to campaign for an independent Indonesia, disseminating information throughout the world as well as to the people of Indonesia itself. The broadcast contains many programs that inspire nationalism and government propaganda. RRI in the era of the Old Order and the New Order also became a political tool of the government. In the reform era since 1998, the role and function of RRI has been transformed into a Public Broadcasting Institution that must serve the needs of the public for information.

 With 92 stations spread across Indonesia, including Voice of Indonesia and Channel 5 special program, RRI is now able to reach more than 80 percent of the listener population in various parts of Indonesia, even to the border areas. In its 72 years old and in the midst of the era of media convergence and media competition today, the task of RRI is getting heavier. RRI needs to prove its existence as one of the oldest mass media in Indonesia. RRI is also expected to innovate and able to accommodate all parties, groups and interests independently. Happy 72nd Anniversary for Radio Republik Indonesia.

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