The world is now entering the era of digitalization; inevitably the overall change in various fields must follow the rapid development, so as not to be out of date. One of them in the field of commerce is electronic commerce - with e-commerce in the form of distribution, purchase, sales, marketing of goods and services through electronic systems such as internet or television, or other computer networks. There is a shift in trading from the 'offline' world to 'online'. The development of e-commerce makes purchasing or ordering of an item or service so instant and easy.

In addition, the use of digital technology through social media tends to shift from consumptive patterns to the promotion of individual experiences. This is reflected when people use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share their experiences through the distribution of ideas, photos and videos. Global progress through the digital economy has encouraged changes in lifestyle and economic patterns of a country. This was exposed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo at the opening of the Indonesia Business and Development Expo (IBD Expo) at Jakarta Convention Center on Wednesday (20/9).The use of technology also encourages economic benefits with sharing systems promoted through internet applications.

The use of smart phone and internet applications also brings about impact on the promotion of consumption and production. Manufacturers should be more careful to see the pattern of this shift to where the direction is. The hotel industry is also chasing opportunities from the number of foreign tourists who visit Indonesia, especially Bali through information technology. The digital transformation in the hotel industry is not an option anymore, but it is a necessity that can help the industry become competitive. The hotel industry can optimize the benefits of information technology in this digital age. The role of information technology in building digital strategies not only improves the quality of service and security for guests, but also can control operational costs.

The banking sector is now moving toward digital banking. So, Indonesia should be ready for this. The banks are required to develop their digital banking-based products and are expected to have digital branch banking. The government through OJK will create guidance for banks, especially for banks that have digital banking-based products. Chairman of Perbanas, Kartika Wirjoatmodjo said that digital banking will be the way to do business more effectively and efficiently for the solutions of customers. Because there are several benefits of digitizing for banking. The penetration technology and social media are very rapid. This can be seen from smart phone users in Indonesia, which reach 33 percent of the total population. Of course, the digitalization era is a technological advancement that brings about a lot of benefits for the life of the world’s community today and tomorrow.


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