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Fulfillment of Food Needs

The government of Indonesia is now preparing the area around Jakarta, as a buffer area of the food development for the capital. Head of Research and Development Agency of Agriculture Ministry, Muhammad Syakir said yesterday that the government has provided assistance for four districts in Banten Province, as well as several districts in West Java and Lampung Province, especially for the productivity of maize, agricultural machinery, seeds, and market access of farmers for industry. In addition, the Agriculture Ministry in cooperation with other ministries such as Ministry of Environment and Forestry also seek the provision of land. The efforts to increase agricultural production to meet food needs should be the interest of many parties, not only in Indonesia but also in all parts of the world.

In the era of millennial generation, agriculture in Indonesia seems to have decreased as the younger generations find other fields instead of agricultural field. High food prices in the country, especially on the occasion of the religious holidays in indicate that supply is no longer proportional to the demand. Thus, the Indonesian government should pay a serious attention to agriculture.

Some experts, even the public agree that one of the big problems, amid the growing world population which is quite high from year to year, is the availability of food. The population of Indonesia, for example, which now reaches about 260 million people, demands a huge supply of food.  Indonesia is also trying to achieve its independence through food self-sufficiency program. Seemingly, it’s not difficult to return to the golden age in the 80s on which Indonesia was able to be self-sufficient in rice. But, present challenge has its own level of difficulty. Take for example how to raise the image of farmers and fishermen as they have promising profession as farmers or fishermen. Consequently, the food needs can be fulfilled for all.

If the need for food cannot be fulfilled, this will pose problems in the country or even it may cause conflict between nations. Thus, every country must prioritize the agricultural development program related to the fulfillment of food needs for the population. Besides, contributing to fulfill the world’s food supply is important such as providing technical assistance to other countries. Each country has its own an advantage that can be synergized with the advantages of other countries. It is expected that food vulnerability in any part of the world can be overcome as early as possible to prevent other problems arising. So far, Indonesia has also been committed to sharing its knowledge and experience to other countries in need.

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