Home Editorial Will the peak of tension between United States and North Korea become a real war?

Will the peak of tension between United States and North Korea become a real war?

Tension between the United States and North Korea is at its peak. The North Koreans put themselves on full alert to fight against the United States. Pyongyang reports that it is ready to be at war, responding to President Donald Trump's statement that the United States is ready to fight against North Korea. Although the statement was later denied by Washington through White House spokeswoman -Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the regime in Pyongyang remains in a high position to respond. After attending the General Assembly of the United Nations, she affirmed that the United States has not declared war against North Korea. Sarah Huckabee stated that the United States' immediate presumption of fighting North Korea is impossible. Having considered the war threat by President Trump is serious, the North Korean government, as reported by the Yon Hap News Agency, begins to recruit a new army of millions of troops. Kim Jong-un's ruling regime in North Korea claimed on Thursday that he is recruiting about 4.7 million new soldiers from students and workers.

The official North Korean government newspaper wrote that over the past six days, millions of youths expressed their desire to enter the army to fight against US forces, and even about 1.22 million women promised to voluntarily follow the recruitment. North Korean military official, Ri Yong-ho said that the North Korean military threatens that it is entitled to shoot down US bombers, even though the plane is outside the airspace of North Korea. The heightened tension between North Korea and the United States certainly makes South Korea worried. The peninsula's neighbors regard that the possible war will bring about serious impact on North and South Koreas. As what has happened, it appears that North Korea remains in a position to withstand new sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council, which is intertwined with the United States. The world is still waiting for further developments. It may be a statement of White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee who seems to rectify Donald Trump's statement that war with North Korea is impossible, can be a gap for easing tensions on the North Korean peninsula.


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