Like previous years, the Indonesian people commemorate the Pancasila Sanctity Day every October 1st. Pancasila Sanctity Day has been commemorated after the occurrence of the murder of 6 Indonesian Army Generals and 1 Captain on 30 September 1965 known as the G30S PKI or the September 30 Movement of the Indonesia Communist Party by the elements described by the government as an attempted coup d'etat. The turmoil arising from the incident itself was ultimately mitigated by the Indonesian military authorities. New Order government under President Soeharto then set October 1 as Pancasila Sanctity Day.

The 30 September 1965 incident itself is still debatable among the academician, about the mastermind and the motive behind it. However, the military authorities at the time mentioned that the incident was an attempt by the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) to change Pancasila state ideology into communist ideology. When acting as inspector at the ceremony to commemorate Pancasila Sanctity Day at the court of Pancasila Sakti Monument, Lubang Buaya Compound, East Jakarta, Sunday morning (1/10/2017), President Joko Widodo revealed four points of the meaning of Pancasila Sanctity Day.

Firstly, President Joko Widodo says that the murder of the six Generals and one Captain on 30 September 1965 is a dark side in the history of Indonesia and it is hoped not to happen again. Secondly, President Joko Widodo asks Indonesian people to still hold Pancasila the state ideology and maintain the national unity. Thirdly, the President reiterates that the government is very clear about the implementation of Pancasila and prevents the communism from re-entering Indonesia. Finally, President Joko Widodo invites all components of the nation including the Indonesian Military and Police as well as government agencies to jointly build the nation, make the people calm, peaceful and keep united in facing the global competition. The message delivered by President Joko Widodo is really suitable in the midst of Indonesia's current conditions. The threat of disunity and issue on the rising of Communism that have started to emerge among the Indonesian society recently must be addressed carefully.

Regardless whether the issue is right or not, the Indonesian people must remain vigilant. Pancasila which is the state ideology and the foundation of Indonesia should be the life guidance of the Indonesian people. The murder of the six Generals and one Captain in the September 30 Movement of the Indonesia Communist Party coup incident is a dark history of the Indonesian nation. And it should not happen again. As stated by President Joko Widodo in the Pancasila Sanctity Day flag raising ceremony, the Indonesian nation today must continue to put forward the unity of the nation for the sake of the unity and progress of the country.

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