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Being with the people, TNI more powerful

The theme of this 72nd anniversary of Indonesian Armed Forces -TNI Day is ‘Being with the People, TNI is Powerful, Great, Professional and Ready to Realize Indonesia as Sovereign, Independent and Well-Personalized Country’. This theme is promoted as a form of acknowledgment and appreciation of the TNI to the community, which has supported its duties. The meaning contained in the theme is the consciousness of the TNI that comes from the people. Doing and taking action together with the people become the main asset of the TNI in guarding and securing national interests towards the ideals of the nation.

To commemorate the 72nd anniversary of TNI Day, TNI presents 1,000 outstanding students from all regions of the country, especially outer islands and border areas. Another activity is to conduct a pilgrimage to the grave of former President and Commander-in-Chief General Sudirman. In addition, there is "Watching Together".  TNI soldiers and the community can watch the movie "Merah Putih Memanggil” which means ‘Red-White Calling’. The film is played simultaneously in cinemas all over Indonesia on October 5, 2017. In the series of the 72nd Anniversary of TNI Day 2017, the Committee both at the Central and Regional Governments held some activities in the community. Take for example, there are Social Health Activities such as General Treatment, Cataract Surgery, Dental Service, Blood Donor, Wheel Chairs for the needy, Bazaar and food distribution. In addition, there are also Photo and Writing Competition as well as Journalism Competition, National Film Festival, Rowing and Swimming 1000 meters and some other activities.

Today October 5th is the peak of the commemoration ceremony held at the Port of Indah Kiat, Cilegon, Banten. This place is chosen because its location is not far from Jakarta and also covering sea, island and hills. It is an ideal place for the ceremony, the placement of TNI’s main weaponry system -Alutsista, preparatory area and demonstration targets, accommodation and being able to accommodate visitors. This year, there are 18,000 participating soldiers, a larger number than the 2015 which reached only 13 thousand soldiers. On this occasion, demonstrations of joint TNI exercises and skills of TNI soldiers are demonstrated. In addition, there are also Pencak Silat demonstrations exhibited by 1,800 joint soldiers from the Army, Navy and Air Forces. They display martial arts of various types that belong to Indonesia. The Alutsista exhibited are like Leopard Tanks, Apache Helicopters, KRI Class Sigma, submarine KRI Nagapasa and Sukhoi fighter jets. All of which can be seen closely. Having modern and sophisticated Alutsista is very necessary, but it is more important if the people along with the TNI maintain this country in various sectors. Because this will undoubtedly make Indonesia more powerful and victorious. Happy TNI Day!


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