Home Editorial The visit of Saudi Arabia's King to Russia is a new round of relations between the two countries

The visit of Saudi Arabia's King to Russia is a new round of relations between the two countries

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Russia enter a new phase in bilateral relations. The visit of King Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud this week becomes a momentum for the relations between the two countries. Beginning Wednesday, the Saudi Arabian king has begun a series of working visits and held talks with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. This event can be called a historic visit, as it is the first time to be carried out. Saudi Arabia views this as the beginning of strengthening cooperation with Moscow. The signal of the importance on the working visit was delivered by Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel Al Jubeir. The two countries’ leaders are reportedly not only discussing bilateral relations, but also paying attention to regional issues. Bilaterally, the two nations must have an interest in discussing economic issues, particularly oil management and trading. Saudi Arabia as an OPEC member has an interest in discussing it with Moscow. Russia is known as one of the major oil producing and exporting countries. The cooperation between Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world's major oil producer will certainly have an impact on the global oil market.

Viewed from the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia, the first visit since the establishment of the kingdom reflects that Riyadh is seeking a new strategic partner, especially through the policy of diversification of foreign relations. The condition of the country's economy leads to the emergence of new thoughts. Take for example, Saudi Arabia should not depend on only one or two countries, despite having potential and global influence and strong economically. This policy is reflected from the previous visit of King Salman to Japan and China. Saudi Arabia views Russia as one of the major players in the global arena, and it plays a major role in the Asian region. For Russia itself, improving stronger relations with Saudi Arabia may bring about not only gaining economic interests but also strengthening Russia's strategic move in the Middle East region. Take for example the conflict in Syria; Saudi Arabia and Russia are in a position of being opposite each other. Russia supports President Assad's regime, while Saudi Arabia supports the group against the government. (Kbl/Trans by Rhm)


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