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Bahasa Indonesia toward International Language

The month of October for the Indonesian people is known as the sanctity month of Pancasila, also known as the language month. The determination of the language month in October refers to the Youth Pledge of 1928, one of which mentions Indonesian as the Language of Unity. For Indonesia with a population of more than 250 million people, having a unified language that everyone understands is very important. Many other countries are impressed with this, as not all countries, especially those made up of different ethnic and regional languages, have a language that all citizens understand. Other nations have become easier to connect closer to Indonesia related to socio-cultural, political and economic aspects.

The fact that Indonesian language is used by more than 250 million speakers raises the discourse to make it as one of the international languages. Related to this, Head of Language Development and Development Agency at Ministry of Education and Culture, Dadang Sunendar said that currently, Indonesian language has been taught in more than 45 countries around the world by about 250 institutions, both state and private sector. As for completing as a modern language, the Indonesian language has now been equipped with a Great Indonesian Dictionary, grammar and test tool of Indonesian language proficiency. This test equipment has been standardized and it becomes the standard for foreign citizens to learn Indonesian, such as TOEFL and IELT in English.

Meanwhile, Prof. Berthold Damhauser, teacher of Indonesian Language and Literature at the University of Bonn, says that there are various conditions to become an international language. Take for example; the language should be used in international diplomacy and trade, contributing to the dissemination of science, having simplicity of the sound system and easy-to-understand grammar, and having high civilization. More importantly, the language native speakers must have confidence and care for their own language.

Since many centuries ago, geographically Indonesia has been known to be very strategic and potential. To support Indonesian language to become an International language depends not only on the role of Indonesian people but also the role of the government. Take for example; each state official must actively use Indonesian language in international forums whenever they deliver key speech before their foreign citizens.

In addition, cooperation with the media, such as television and radio, in the dissemination of proper use of Indonesian language is very important. This is meant that the Indonesian language can be increasingly loved by the entire population of Indonesia and the speakers of the Indonesian language. With the ability to speak Indonesian, every speaker of Indonesian language is able to communicate with more than 300 ethnics or tribes and more than 250 dialects in Indonesia. In addition, they can also communicate with over 300 million people scattering across ASEAN member countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, and some parts of the Philippines as well as some cities in Australia.


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