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The importance of dialogue in resolving the crisis of Catalonia

Full independence of Catalonia from Spain is not yet final. The referendum implemented October 1stis still a political discourse. The insistence of two major party leaders in order for separatist leader of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont not to announce the independence affects the results of the referendum. Talking before the public pro-referendum two days ago,  Puigdemont had not announced the independence of Catalonia. That statement certainly makes the supporters of the referendum disappointed and confused. The government of Spain is relieved for a while because of the pressure that brings about results. Previously, Deputy Prime Minister of Spain, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria warned that the referendum would bring destruction to Catalonia. It was also reminded that if the independence is announced by Spain, the autonomy given to the Catalonia will be revoked. The pressure against the pro-referendum side is done not only the Spanish government but also the Spanish large companies operating in Catalonia. The companies threaten to shut down their operation and withdraw their assets from Catalonia.

The warning of the Spanish government and entrepreneurs that makes the declaration of independence delayed for a while amplifies the voice of the Catalonian opposition. The leader ofSocialist Party, Pedro Sanchez urged the separatist leader, Puidemont to use dialogue with Madrid rather than unilateral declaration of independence. According to opposition side, the best way to do is to negotiate with the central government in Madrid so that the identity of Catalonia such as language, culture and education gets respected. The referendum in Catalonia brings about worries not only in Spain but also its neighboring countries such as Portugal, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom and France. They are also worried that the success of Catalonia to separate from Spain will trigger separatism movement in each country.

Previously, Minister for European Affairs of France, Nathalie Loiseau said that France will not recognize a unilateral declaration of independence wanted by the Catalonian officials.

Many countries are still waiting for further developments from the Catalonian referendum. Indeed to avoid the uncertainty that may be too long and possible to trigger conflict, the conflicting parties of both Catalonian officials and central government of Spain must carry out constructive dialogues. The central government in Madrid needs to be more open in comprehending the demands of the majority of the Catalonians who want full autonomy.


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