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The sea for Indonesians’ prosperity

In building a country, the economic foundation is a vital point. Politics if not supported by economic power is not able to stand firm, and vice versa. This concept certainly cannot stand alone and it is not in the sequence to achieve people’s prosperity. But the unity between economy and politics must be intact. The economic independence can be built if the economic foundations are laid down as the precise basis of the economy and in accordance with the nature and culture of Indonesia.

As a great nation, Indonesia cannot forget the history from which it comes from and what its natural conditions are. Indonesia’s vast sea lies with all the richness it has within and the fertile soil is. This is, of course, perfectly enough to be maximized as the foundation of the nation's economy.

The sea infrastructure development being carried out by the government is currently one of the efforts to strengthen the maritime sector both in economic and maritime defense. In addition, the government has to improve human resource capacity that will manage and develop the maritime sector such as marine tourism.

The economic development laid out from the sea has tremendous potential, remembering that Indonesia has vast and rich sea contained therein, and its strategic location between two continents and two oceans so that it becomes many trade routes, including the beauty of the Indonesian sea. This concept is certainly not a new concept.

In the concept of Agrarian Reform based on the Basic Agrarian Law No. 5/ 1960, agrarian is related to not only land, agriculture, and the means of land production, but also the sea, land, and air factors. More importantly, how all of these can be organized and maximized for the welfare of Indonesian people. The concept of the sea which has been much developed is a good step for the development of a strong economic foundation. This foundation must be supported politically and strengthened agriculturally in order the concept of the sea for Indonesia becomes a strong one and it is based on Indonesian culture to achieve just and prosperous Indonesians.

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