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The D-8 Summit in Istanbul expected to bring about more concrete action

The D-8 summit conference in Turkey, Istanbul that takes place from today, is expected to bring about a new deal that positively impacts its members. The implementation of the summit in Istanbul is a good momentum to recall the aims of the founding of the D-8 organization established in Istanbul on June 15, 1997,  consisting of 8 developing countries namely Turkey, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, Malaysia, and Pakistan. The only country outside of Asia is Nigeria from the African continent. If initially the aim of D-8 was to muster the power of the Islamic states that become members of OIC, in its development, the D-8 is no longer exclusively religious. On its agreement among the members, D-8 was transformed into an inter-state organization in a bid to improve the welfare of each country's population by focusing on economic and social development programs.

Based on the initial aim of the establishment and the changing objectives to be achieved, the summit in Istanbul is expected to bring about more concrete results. Indonesia, with a delegation led by Vice President Yusuf Kalla, can inspire the issuance of a declaration confirming the growing importance of concerted efforts to achieve the goals. In the field of development, the cooperation to improve the welfare of the people of each member country must be a main focus. The developing countries that enjoy better economy can take the initiative to help other members. Even if it is not a financial aid, a more economically advanced country can contribute to enhancing cooperation in the field of technology transfer and knowledge to improve the economy for members in need. Another aspect that also needs to be a priority is a joint effort to combat acts of violence and terrorism. The issue of social inequality that is often said to be one of the root causes of violence and terrorism needs to be addressed in particular. The presence of the Deputy Chief of Police at the Summit can confirm Indonesia's commitment to overcoming radicalism and terrorism as well as seeking further cooperation efforts to address this important issue.


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