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Youth and Food Security

October for Indonesian Youths becomes a reminder of their commitment. Indonesia's historical record shows that on October 28, 1928, Youth representatives from various regions gathered in Jakarta to declare the oath, which came to be known as the Youth Pledge. At that time, Indonesian youth pledged one homeland, Indonesia; one nation, Indonesia, and one unifying language, Bahasa Indonesia. The pledge was then manifested in the struggle for independence.

The Youth Pledge was not merely an oath from the youths of Indonesia at that time. This oath became the foundation for the Indonesian Youth in determining the steps for the welfare of the Indonesian nation. The diverse challenges faced by Indonesian youths demand creativity, speed and accuracy of action. Indonesia in the future is determined by the present youths. Millennial generations who were born in 1980 - 1999 have been the determinants of direction in various fields. Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics 2015, the number of Indonesian youths is about 25% of the total population of Indonesia.

Nowadays, Indonesian youths continue to be encouraged to crate innovation. Take for example in the field of food security which has not been materialized, especially in terms of food quality. The youths are encouraged to more actively innovate in the field of food processing. Quoting the statement of former Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council of Indonesia for the period of 2010 – 2014, Emil Salim in the Forum for Young Indonesian event held in Jakarta on October 22nd, 2017, it is time for Indonesian young people to create smart and new ways of processing food because they are able to adapt faster. Based on the 2012-2017 Global Food Security Index, Indonesia is ranked 67th in food security. The role of youths should be encouraged to raise the ratings of Indonesia's food security.

With a total of 62 million youths, Indonesia is certainly able to achieve 17 sustainable development targets by 2030, especially no more hunger. Indonesia is able to achieve food security, to improve nutrition, and to encourage sustainable agricultural cultivation. The demand for Indonesian youths to create food security in Indonesia must continue to be pursued. 17 sustainable development targets are believed to be realized in 2030 on condition that the present Indonesian youths have good quality. Youths’ creation and innovation should be strengthened. Indonesian young people with high-quality should be active as development agents. All of these can be realized, if the Youth Pledge is firmly rooted in the soul of the Indonesian youths.


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