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Myanmar ready to accept the return of Rohingya refugees

The international community has heard good relief news about the fate of the Rakhine ethnics who fled from their hometown. Some news agencies and media around the world have reported that the Myanmar government is ready to accept Rohingya refugees. The news stems from an explanation of Bangladeshi government which states that Myanmar will stop the influx of refugees out of the country to Bangladesh and willing to accept them.

The statement was reported on the basis of the two governments' agreement after holding talks in Naypidaw, Myanmar on last Tuesday. Despite the two governments have agreed, there is no confirmation on when and how the process will begin. The government of Myanmar even still provides conditions before the refugee return process is done. The Burmese authorities said that they still have to clarify and identify the refugees. It seems that the Burmese government wants to be assured that among hundreds of Rohingya’s people who will return to Rakhine, they are not members of insurgents who have committed acts of violence.

For Bangladesh, the attempt to stop the Rohngya refugee flows to their country and return them to Myanmar has been urgent. This country, which is one of the poorest countries in Asia, has been deeply burdened by the influx of at least six hundred thousand refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh. The flow of aid from other countries to help overcome food shortages and the very minimum required facilities of refugees does not make Bangladesh get rid of the burden of the refugees. However, the agreement of Bangladesh and Myanmar to stop the flow of refugees and to return Rohingyas to their country should be immediately implemented. Some countries that are very concerned, including Indonesia, need to encourage the process to come true immediately.


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