According to Indonesian Dictionary, Hoax is false news. And in an Oxford English dictionary, Hoax is defined as a malicious deception made for a bad purpose. Or in other words, Hoax or false news is incorrect information made equally true even though this notion is not the same as rumors, gossip or pseudo-science.

Monday, October 30, 2017, Director of Criminal Investigation of the Indonesian National Police Brigadier General Fadil Imran, asked for portals claiming to be media but not registered in the Press Council, not to disseminate information or false news that misleads the public. This request emerged following the suspension of one of the news media, because it was known to have posted false news, related to a member of Commission III of the House of Representatives, namely Akbar Faisal. Until now the police are still investigating the case to find out the motives and the perpetrators.

Actually the wave of false news in the media, both from news media and social media, is very influential on the public perception, even it potentially damages the life of the people. Losses are not only suffered by the victim alone, the community and the environment will be badly affected. False news is as dangerous as radicalism, because it can make a phenomenon of people willing to commit an extreme crime. As a result, hatred, suspicion and even riots will likely emerge, so it is feared to threaten the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia-NKRI. This is the danger of false news.

The Indonesian press must play an active role in fighting false news. Do not even sell false news just to increase the income of the media or promote an event. False news should be fought together because it is no longer the responsibility of a certain group but also of all parties.

To get the public's trust, the Press should be a tool to filter out false news and refute lies, both raised through news media and social media. The people are asked to not immediately spread the news they have just received. They must firstly check the source and the reliability of the news.

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