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Validation of Telecommunication Customer Data

Starting October 31, 2017, the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Communications and Informatics requires the subscribers of SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card or mobile phone to register by attaching the Identity Number and Family Card Number. The registration policy is stipulated through the Regulation of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology No. 14/2017. The main target is prepaid subscribers. Because, all postpaid subscribers have been registered.  There are consequences if the customers are not registered until February 28, 2018. The old users’ SIM card will be gradually blocked. Functions such as calling, texting, and the internet will slowly be paralyzed. In addition, each user can only register or re-register a maximum of three numbers, either with the same or different service providers. Actually, why does the Indonesian government enforce SIM card registration policy to mobile phone subscribers? Based on the press release of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the registration needs to be done in order to provide protection to consumers, related to the misuse of mobile numbers by irresponsible parties such as frauds and hoaxes.


The Indonesian government policy should be supported by the people and the businesspeople. The use of the Population Identification Number (NIK) and the Family Card (KK) number to register the SIM card will not only narrow the space for cyber-crime and the spread of hoax, but also prevent terrorism. So far, terrorists have often operated by taking advantage of the lost identity checks during the initial registration of the SIM card. Based on this policy, cyber criminals, hoax propagators and terrorists can be easily monitored. Through the National Single Identity, the cellular operator system is connected with the Population and Civil Registry Database. The identity of the prepaid card owner will be directly related to the demographic data.  It is expected that the validation of telecommunication subscriber data through SIM card registration can reduce the level of cyber-crime and terrorism as well as positively affect the national economy. Because, it will facilitate the transaction process such as in banking, and the distribution of aid assistance for the poor.

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