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Indonesian students must improve business interest

Vice President, Jusuf Kalla asked Indonesian students not to dream any longer of becoming civil servants. This was delivered on 4 November 2017, after inaugurating Andalas University Hospital in Padang, West Sumatra. VP Jusuf Kalla reminded the scholars not to dream to work as civil servants.

The vice president's appeal is certainly based on existing data. Vice President Jusuf Kalla views that every year, approximately 900 thousand students are graduated from four thousand universities throughout Indonesia. While every year, the prospective civil servants are recruited no more than 50 thousand. Of that quantity, the required scholars are only about 20 thousand. Less than one percent of the graduates are accepted to work in government agencies.

What the vice president expressed is, of course, based on certain reasons. In 2017, the number of candidates for civil servants of Indonesia reached 2.43 million people. These applicants compete for about 37,000 formations. This means that one position is targeted by 65 applicants.

In regard to the fierce competition, the fresh graduates have to think about other opportunities. Vice President Jusuf Kalla affirmed that the most open and unlimited job opportunities are the business world. In this sector, new scholars have a chance to develop their creations and innovations. Currently, the opportunity to conduct business in the network (online) is open enough. Knowledge, skills and expertise, especially experience will lead scholars to become reliable professionals; they are ready to plan strategies to increase revenues. Another thing that should be taken into account to be able to develop and succeed in the business world is to develop a business based on the network (on-line business) through the internet, including social media. Hopefully, Indonesian scholars are able to open employment opportunities for other Indonesian people. (Trans by Rhm)



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