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The meaning of Heroes Day

Every November 10, Indonesian nation commemorates Heroes Day, an important day in the history of the Indonesian nation. This is particularly related to efforts to defend the independence and to show to the international community the existence of the Republic of Indonesia when just proclaimed on 17 August 1945. There was a heroic battle to defend Indonesian independence from foreign attacks in Surabaya, East Java on November 10, 1945. This is the basic reason why the date is set as the Heroes Day of the Indonesian nation. This year's theme is ‘Strengthening Unity to Build the Country’. 

Vice Chairman of the State Honorary and Title Board, Jimly Asshiddiqie said that the spirit of heroism is important for Indonesian nation. It must be rooted in the hearts of today's generations. He views that Indonesia is now building and enjoying the freedom of democracy. Therefore, the attitude of heroism that carries a sense of national unity instead of individualism should be prioritized. 

Meanwhile, Minister of Social Affairs, Khofifah Indar Parawansa wants the Heroes Day to be a momentum to build patriotism spirit. She urges parents to introduce the late heroes to their children. Minister Khofifah views that by introducing the heroes' struggles, patriotic attitudes can be transmitted to the children or the whole young generation of Indonesia. 

The same opinion was also expressed by Affairs Agustanzil, the Secretary General of National Family Hero Association of Indonesia who is also chairman of the Commemoration Committee of Heroes Day -10 of November 2017. He said that the moment of Heroes Day should be a significant support for the Indonesian people to maintain the national unity. He also remarked that willingness and preparedness to strongly maintain the humanity dignity, family honor and the glory of the nation is very important. 

Definitely, interpreting the meaning of Heroes Day does not mean that Indonesian nation have to refer to the physical forces to fight. After the proclamation of independence on August 17, 1945, the most important thing until now is that how Indonesian people are able to significantly contribute to the nation and state. As mandated by the founders of the nation, after independence, the next stage that must be undertaken by the Indonesian nation is to continue to foster unity so that it can become a powerful, sovereign, just and prosperous country. 


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