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Conflict-prone regions and governor election

East Java Regional Police Chief, Inspector-General Machfud Arifin has revealed recently that some regions in East Java are predicted to be prone to conflicts in the governor elections in 2018. The regions which are often referred to be prone to pose conflict include the eastern part of Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang, Jember, Situbondo, Bondowoso, and Banyuwangi, Madura, and Mojokerto. Thus, the regional police will anticipate and will be more vigilant in order to avoid something unexpected.

The statement of East Java police chief is an early warning. This means that the conflict-prone regions during the elections may occur not only in large cities but also in remote areas across Indonesia. It’s like a snowball; one conflict can lead to subsequent conflicts with larger scales that could even trigger security disturbances in urban areas.

Readiness of all stakeholders both from the smallest element in the community to the highest in the elite politicians is very important. There needs to be joint coordination between the election organizers and other stakeholders in order to create a synergy such as between regional and central General Election Commissions -KPU and law enforcers that maintain security.

More importantly, the political parties that support the candidates have to participate in maintaining the political atmosphere. Sometimes, the supported candidates are not necessarily accepted by the community. As a result, conflict may occur.

The general public must always prioritize unity in the life of nation and state, including in the implementation of regional elections. Indonesian people should not be easily stirred or even taken into conflict by irresponsible people who only think about temporary interests.

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