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House Speaker's case, positive dynamic for law enforcer

In recent weeks, Indonesian people have been presented with an interesting scene related to law enforcement in this country. A top state official, Speaker of the House of Representatives –DPR, Setya Novanto was officially arrested by Corruption Eradication Commission –KPK last weekend. After going through a series of drama attempts to escape from the lawsuit on charges of involvement in the corruption case of electronic identity card procurement, finally Speaker Setya Novanto as suspect can no longer avoid. The public cannot wait for the settlement of this case, whether the suspect will be sent to jail as a prisoner or can get rid of any charges. 

Whatever the outcome will be, there are some things that can be highlighted here. First, that what’s happening shows that the law enforcer -KPK in Indonesia is already going through the right track. The law is no longer like a knife that is just sharp down and blunted upward. It is now proven that the knife can also cut to the top, those who abuse power, in accordance with the principle of equality before the law. Especially in the context of combating corruption, law enforcer must also be able to touch the tops of power. Because in the position, the main model of nationality and state is implemented. Inevitably, the area must be clean first to encourage the acceleration of eradication of corruption. This can be regarded as a precautionary step towards the potential of corruption. 

Such an arrest reminds that the phrase "law as commander" should not just be a jargon. But more importantly, the law is a part of life of nation and state that is firmly attached to each individual. Law through a judicial institution becomes a solution in fulfilling the sense of justice for anyone who is reporting or is being reported. All parties are given the opportunity to make the best effort to get the best from the legal case anyone is facing. In other words, through the law, people leave all forms of arbitrariness, unilateral acts while upholding the balance between rights and duties. 

At last, all of these are a signal to show Indonesia's firmness in law enforcement. Any crime, even if it concerns an influential person, will be brought to the court. This is called positive dynamic which is in line with sustainable effort to create legal certainty and justice in Indonesia. It is also expected to support development in all fields, including realizing the development goals set by the United Nations, since the era of the Millennium Development Goals -MDGs up to the present Sustainable Development Goals -SDGs.

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