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The Challenge for the Indonesia New Police Chief

Commentary 25.07.2013          

The issue on the replacement of the Indonesian Police Chief today has become a common conversation. Although National Police Chief, Gen. Timur Pradopo will retire in 2014, but the president has the prerogative to accelerate the turnover if a leader is required in securing the 2014 elections. The issue on the replacement of National Police Chief Gen. Timur Pradopo emerges after the National Police Commission  proposed nine candidates for the president to be selected. However, there are interesting things from the candidates, based on the track record of some candidates, they are said tobe unclean for having an account with a very large amount. Therefore, what is to be prepared and owned by the Indonesian Police Chief, due to the increasing of complex challenges in the future?
            Concerning with the plan to replace police chief, whoever will be elected, the responsibilities carried by the Chief of Police for the coming term so is heavy, especially entering the 2014 elections. In relation to the replacement, member of Commission III of House of Representatives, Edy Sitanggang Ramli said the new police chief should keep his institution to remain independent, should avoid certain political party. In addition, he assessed the new police chief should has strong figur, integrity, and able to read the political constellation. While NGOs Impartial Al Araf director said the new police chief should be firmed, especially in dealing with cases of violence of minority groups and freedom of religion, the disputes on Natural Resources, violence against workers, terrorism, and thuggery, and commitment to eradicate corruption, both internally and externally. Meanwhile, Police observer Bambang Widodo Umar said, the figure that fits into the Chief of Police is a firm person and authoritative as well as protect the public. Because, according to Bambang, if the Chief of Police is not commanding then the number of crime problems and corruption will increase. However, Bambang said, now it is very hard to find a Police General who is really firm and honest.

         A true leader is not only a clever man, but have to be smart to organize what they lead. Intelligence is meaningless without decisiveness, honesty and fairness. Therefore, the figure who will replace General Timur Pradopo should be respected by all parties. In addition, the track record of the candidate should also be considered in the selection. It is expected, the President will evaluate the candidates background and hear input from the public. All that is meant for the president to pick the Right Person on the Right place.


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