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Enthusiasm of West Sumatra People in Tour de Singkarak

MISCELLANY, 22.10.2015

Indonesian people, particularly in West Sumatra deserve appreciation from the Indonesian government, in this case the Indonesian Tourism Ministry because they keep appreciating the international cycling race that goes around some areas in West Sumatra every year. In 2015, Tour de Singkarak enters its 7th year. Tourism Minister Arif Yahya realizes that the number of Tour de Singkarak is the fifth biggest in the world.

 “Tour de Singkarak, as the biggest cycling race in Indonesia is the fifth cycling race with the biggest audience in the world. What is highlighted here is enthusiasm of people in West Sumatra needs to be appreciated” 

Arif Yahya who officially closed Tour de Singkarak also showed appreciation to all media which help spread information about Tour de Singkarak and he asked people in West Sumatra to seize this event to promote tourism in West Sumatra to the world. 

 “We call for you all to seize this event because its value is so high. Media make this event have more value. The direct impact is more domestic tourists come. The news value is more than 100 billion. Therefore, let’s seize it seriously to promote West Sumatra to the world” 

In a press conference at Istana Pagaruyung palace which becomes of finish points at Tour de Singkarak , committee head, Sapta Nirwandar  also expressed appreciation to people in West Sumatra and said how this event could stimulate local economy in West Sumatra.

 “Enthusiasm of people in all areas including 12 regencies that have been passed is amazing. It is like people miss Tour de Singkarak. Even in Carocok, Tour de Singkarak is delightful because they say it has triple down effect or local economy stimulation” 

Overall, Tour de Singkarak, which is divided into nine stages passing through 18 regencies/cities, gives various positive effect for all people in West Sumatra. Infrastructure which is clearly improving and economic stimulation which is gradually increasing can give a real hope to West Sumatra people to develop their area. Without being instructed, West Sumatra people take part in improving each area.

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