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Film and Book Review Air Mata Surga


In today’s edition, we’ll discuss a film entitled “Air Mata Surga” or the tears of heaven directed by Hestu Saputra. A film entitled Pengejar Angin (PA) was Hestu Saputra’s debut as a film director. Before that, he worked as assistant director in Hanung Bramantyo’s films. It is no wonder, because he graduated from Dapur Film workshop led by Hanung in 2007. His experiences as assistant director for four years made Hestu have an opportunity to sharpen his talent as a film director. He has done planning system in every scene similar with Hanung’s style. In 2015, Hestu has an opportunity to direct a film in love drama genre.

“Air Mata Surga” or in English means tears of heaven starred by a beautiful Indonesian actress, Dewi Sandra is a love drama film which is adopted from a novel entitled “Air Mata TUHAN” or the tears of God written by Aguk Irawan MN. In addition to being the main character in this film, Dewi Sandra is also asked to sing the soundtrack of the film. In an interview released by Tujuh Bintang Sinema production House, Dewi Sandra revealed her feeling when acting and singing a soundtrack of the film........

“I feel really happy to act and sing the soundtrack of “Air Mata Surga”. First, I fall in love with the story. Air Mata Surga is based on a true story from a novel which has been published entitled “Air Mata TUHAN” written by Aguk and when I read it, it’s such a beautiful love story and very touchy and I fall in love with the character. When I have already taken the film shoot with mas Hestu, I met with other film players and have been in the struggle at the location, then I was offered to sing the soundtrack and I was like hah …singing. Sometimes, honestly I miss recording studio, miss to sing again but I was also scared, don’t know why, so actually the burden is more on the soundtrack than the film but still happy because in fact the song is very beautiful  and touchy”

The film  Air Mata Surga or The Tears of Heaven tells about love story of a man named Fikri played by Richard Kevin, a designer who falls in love with Fisha, played by Dewi Sandra, a student of a master degree in Yogyakarta// Their acquaintance starts when Fikri is asked by Fisha to be a lecturer for her thesis. Meanwhile, Fisha’s friend, Hamzah (played by Morgan Oey), has been falling in love with Fisha for a long time. Even Bunda, Fisha’s mother (played by Ayu Diah Pasha), and Weni (played by Adhitya Putri) Fisha’s friend approve their relationship. But, Fisha considers Hamzah like her own big brother.

Fikri gives a surprise by proposing Fisha. After Fisha graduates, they get married. Relation between Fisha and her mother in law, Halimah (played by Roweina), is not really harmonious. Halimah has a long time wanted to matchmake Fikri with Riri (played by Imaz Fitria), the child of her late husband’s friend. However, Grandma Aida (played by Titi Dibyo) and Fikri’s sister, Dian (played by Andania Suri) is precisely close to Fisha.

Destiny says another word. Fisha miscarriages twice. Fisha is very sad. She feels very careful to keep her pregnancy, even quits from her job as a kindergarten teacher which becomes her joy. Fikri never blames Fisha on this.

When Fikri goes to business out of town, Fisha has a bad pain in her stomach// Doctor said that Fisha gets end-stage ovarium cancer. Fisha begs to Halimah not to disclose her disease from Fikri. To know that she does have much time and cannot have a child, Fisha takes a step to prove that true love exists.

It is really interesting to make a film based on a true story which is written in a novel. Sacrifice is the main message which wants to be delivered by Hestu through the film. The soundtrack of the film is one of important elements for Indonesian film industry. The queen of Indonesian soundtrack, Melly Goeslaw has a duty to be the songwriter in the film “Air Mata Surga”. She reveals how  important the film soundtrack in a film is......


“As for me, soundtrack is the teaser of a film because it is normally launched one month or two months before the film launching. So, people will be able to know through the soundtrack when they hear the song, at least they know what the film is about. This film tells a big sacrifice of a woman who has a cancer and before that she suffers very much. Then, she is sick and has no longer time to live. She must sacrifice her feeling and everything for someone she loves”.

Sacrifice for love and sincerity in undergoing the life and sincerely receive the fact are the strong moral messages in this film. These are also repeatedly portrayed through some important scenes as the red thread of this film. Entirely this film has high moral message. It is to remind the women to always be sincere in doing their roles as wives and mothers for their children. Hestu can be said to be successful in giving detail pictures suitable with the novel. It is rarely done by Indonesian film directors. Hopefully, this film can give knowledge about life to human. Well listener, that was a glimpse of Book and Film Review entitled “Air Mata Surga” or Tears of Heaven directed by Hestu Saputra. Thank you and sampai jumpa.

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