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MISCELLANY, 29.10.2015

Indonesia, one of countries in the world which often experiences disaster both natural disasters and disasters because of human. For example, landslide, mount eruption, accident and many more. To help disaster victims, it needs one medium which is responsible for distributing aid. It aims to assure that aid from the government and people reach the right target. One of ways to realize it is by forming Crisis Center. One of ministries in Indonesia that has crisis center is the Ministry of Tourism. In the introduction of foreign tourism marketing in the national media from October 23-25, Deputy Foreign Tourism Marketing of the Indonesian Tourism Ministry, I Gede Pitana, said that crisis center is needed for tourism activities in Indonesia…

 “Every situation here in Indonesia is influential for tourism sector. Therefore, although this is not direct task and function of Tourism Ministry, we are always responsive to make crisis center. Crisis center for tourism sector is different from those in other places. Let’s say in the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), the crisis center is for evacuation, rescue and many more. But in the crisis center of Tourism Ministry, it is for communication function like collecting data, managing data and disseminating the data in an accurate, timely and balanced way”

Cooperating with related parties, crisis center in Tourism Ministry is responsible for getting information and data about disasters in Indonesia. The analyzed information is then spread to tourism institutions in various countries.

 “We place our staff in the post to collect data from various sources to be analyzed according to the needs of tourism. Then it is disseminated. People from transportation sector and the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) certainly never think of giving data to the Indonesia Tour and Travel Agency Association (ASITA), the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) or big travel agents in Singapore, but Tourism Ministry highly needs it and that’s what we do”

The position of Indonesia which lies in the lines of volcanoes, it needs special treatment when disaster happens. It’s not only industrial, trade and other important sectors that are affected by disaster, but also tourism sector. That’s why, tourism crisis center is highly needed. It is done to give information to domestic and foreign tourists about the safety of tourism destinations that they will visit.

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