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Young, talented and has a myriad of achievements. This has  made  the International Archery Champion Athlete, Dellie Threesyadinda becomes one of the nation's assets.Gold medalist at last year's SEA Games in Myanmar, said one’s patience will  be more  formed  the longer one’s  practicing archery.The pretty athlete  who is  often  called Dinda has already presented many awards from various International championships to  Indonesia.

Dellie Threesyadinda fell in love with the world of archery since the age of seven. She was introduced to  the sport by her  mother who  is also an archery athlete. In fact, Dinda's mother, was  an archery athlete who managed to win  the silver medal for Indonesia at the 1988 Olympics.

Whe she was little, her mother  often took her to practice, and Dinda became  interested in archery. With age, her interest grew. This made  her  mother decided to train Dinda to  become a professional athlete in archery.

Six months after starting to practice, Dellie Threesyadinda fllowed  her  first archery championship. Now, Dinda is one of female archery national athletes who has won various competitions at home and abroad.

In 2012, Dinda won two gold medals, and one gold and one silver medal in the SEA Games in 2013. Other awards came from another  competition, a silver medal at the World Archery Championships in England.

According to Dellie Threesyadinda archery  is not just a regular sport. But it deals also with feelings  that requires the ability  to resist to control one’s emotions, practices concentration to be focused when aiming the  arrow  right to the target.Just a little bit nervous, do not expect to be right on target. Conversely, if you are calm,  with high concentration, and not too much thought, it would be a point which helps the accuracy on target.According Dinda there is an irreplaceable exctement then . Therefore, if a person has chosen archery, it will be difficult to let go.

The most interesting experience for Dinda as  an archery  athlete is when she had to  compete against her  mother in the Asian Grand Prix in 2007 in Iran.At that time, athletes from other countries have fallen except those from Indonesia. So, inevitably Dinda had to fight  over the gold and silver medals with a fellow Indonesian athletes, namely, her   mother.

But then she lost  to her mother who acquired gold and Dinda  just got a silver. Another interesting experience was when she took part in  the 2007  world cup in England. She  teamed up with her mother and her aunt,Lilies Herliati. The team got the bronze.

Dellie Threesyadinda career in the world of archery is not without obstacles..  In archery there are two divisions, namely compound and recurve. At first Dinda was in recurve division. But in 2005 something happened  that made her move   to compound division. When she was to follow the national training for Sea Games 2005 in Korea she was considered as  underdog. Dinda could not  accept it. Finally she decided to return home  to Indonesia by herself with only  100 dollars to her name and a plane ticket. Arriving home,her  father asked Dinda to  move to compound division  for sake of her  career development. Initially Dinda was eluctant  . After a long debate Dinda finally was willing to switch and her  performance began to  improve again.

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