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Sport World Friday, November 20, 2015

VOI SPORT WORLD, 20-11-2015

 Welcome back to Sport World over RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia. We will bring you national and international sports news and events. 

 we begin the Sport World with Wushu. Indonesia is runner up in World Wushu Championship.

Indonesia ranked second in the 13th World Wushu Championship held in Istora Senayan Stadium, Central Jakarta on November 13th-18th 2015, with 7 gold medals, 3 silver, and 6 bronze. Meanwhile, China became the grand champion with 14 gold and 1 silver. Chairman of Indonesian Wushu Association, Supandi Kusuma hoped in Jakarta on Wednesda that Indonesian Wushu athletes improve themselves. Besides, Supandi Kusuma also appreciated the achievement of Indonesian athletes during the championship, which is the best one during Indonesia’s participation in the event.

In this event, Indonesian athlete, Lindswell Kwok secured two gold medals. The 24 years old Wushu athlete gained the gold in taijiquan (empty-hand) and taijijian (sword), awarding her theWorld Champion title. Meanwhile, the gold winner in Asian Games 2014, Juwita Niaz Wasni became the new world champion. Only by gaining bronze in the second day, Juwita on Tuesday (17/11) secured two world champion titles in nandao (southern blade) and nangun (southern long rod).

The 13th World Wushu Championship in Istora Senayan, Jakarta was participated by 1 thousand athletes from 82 countries.


We continue with MotoGP. Indonesia Officially signs LoL MotoGP.

Youth and Sports Minister, Imam Nahrawi officially signed the Letter of Intention, one of the prerequisites to be the host of the most prestigious motorbike race in the world, MotoGP 2017. Public Communication Head of the ministry, Gatot S. Dewa Broto in his press statement in Jakarta on last Tuesday said, after the signing, the Letter of Intention will be sent to Dorna Sport, no later than November 20.

Besides being signed by Indonesian Youth and Sports Ministry, Letter of Intention will also be signed by Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta. With t Letter of Intention, Indonesia shows its seriousness to hold the famous race. Following the steps presented by Carmelo Ezpeleta during his visit to Indonesia several time ago, the Letter of Intention is significant and fundamental for making Indonesia as the host of MotoGP during the meeting with International Motorcycle Federation -FIM.

Gatot S Dewa Broto added, according to his plan, the FIM meeting based on one of its agenda is deciding the 2017 racing schedules, including MotoGP to be held in Vienna, Austria in November 21st. Besides the Letter of Intention, Indonesia also needs to make a master plan for MotoGP 2017.

The will of the Youth and Sports Ministry along with Tourism Ministry to hold the race is really strong. Even, the coordination between them keeps going, including with the Management of Sentul International Circuit. Before the signing of the Letter of Intention, the Youth and SportsMinistry previously sent an official notice to Dorna two months ago.


Sports lovers, our next sports event is from Athletics. Kenyan runners dominate Borobudur International 10 K.

Kenyan runners dominated the whole international elite class during the Borobudur International 10 K, both in men’s and women’s group. Held in Borobudur Temple complex, Magelang Regency, East Java on Sunday (15/11), the race was opened by Youth and Sports Minister, Imam Nahrawi. The first winner of men’s 10 K was Josphat Kiptanui Too Chobei of Kenya with 29.31.29 minutes, followed by Thomas K. Maritim also from Kenya in the second (29.44.27), and Stepen Mungathaia of Kenya in the third position (29.56.13).

Meanwhile, women’s international elite 10K was won by Edinah Koech from Kenya (34.42.73), followed by Gladys Tarus (34.51.11) and Careencheptoech (35.34.58) both from Kenya. Then, in men’s international elite half marathon (21km), Kennedy from Kenya ranked the first with 1 hour and 06.09.25 minutes, followed by Geofren Birgen from Eldorei  (1:06.09.53), and then by Hosen Kogei also from Eldorei (1:06.09.84). Meanwhile, the women’s was won by Peninah J. Kigen (1:15.33), followed by Fridah Jepkite L. (1:17.15) and Beatrice Jepkorir (1:17.48) all from Kenya.

On the men’s national elite 10k was won by Jauhari Johan from South Sumatra (32.16.59 minutes), followed by Nur Sodik from Yogyakarta (32.23.23) and Atjong Tio from East Java (33.19.52). Meanwhile for the women’s class of the same race was won respectively by I Olivia Sadi from East Nusa Tenggara (38.15.49), Rini Budiarti from Jakarta (38.47.97), and Verly S. Dali from East Kalimantan (39.16.12).

Then, men’s national elite half marathon was won by Agus Prayogo from West Java in the first position (1:09.29.01), Ranto from Magelang in the second (1:12.27.30), and Noce from Cepu in the third (1:12.36.60). The big three of women’s national elite half marathon were respectively Yulianingsih from East Java (1:26.09), Paijo from East Nusa Tenggara (1:26.37), and Odekta Vina from Jakarta (1:28.05)

The total participants of Borobudur International 10K was 16,000 from 18 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, United States, Kenya, and Japan. Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo said, the international running competition will be held again next year with additional classes not only 10K and 21 K, but also are 42 K and 120 K.


Sports lovers, you’re still with us in Sport World over RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta.

Our next sports event comes from Karate. Indonesia gains four gold medals in WorldKarate Championship.

Indonesia was in the fourth position by gaining four gold medals in the Junior, Cadet, and U-21 categories of the 9th World Karate Championship in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Hall 5 in Serpong, Banten, on Sunday. Press release by Indonesian Karate-Do Federation (Forki) said, this was a historical record for Indonesian karate athletes, because after participating for 9 times in the world championship, Indonesia finally could gain gold medals.

Meanwhile, Japan on the first position gained 8 gold medals, 3 silver, and 7 bronze, followed by Turkey on the second with 7 gold, 1 silver, and 5 bronze. On the third is Egypt with 6 gold, 8 silver, and 7 bronze. The fifth rank was secured by France with 3 gold, 3 silver, and 5 bronze, followed by Morocco on the sixth with 1 gold and 2 silver; Iran on the seventh with 1 gold, 1 silver, and 8 bronze; Italy with 1 gold, 1 silver, and 5 bronze; Saudi Arabia with 1 gold and 1 silve; Hungary with 1 gold and 2 bronze; Estonia 1 gold; and Croatia 1 gold.

After the 10th World Karate Championship, there will be World Karate Federation (WKF) to be held in Egypt, 2017.


The next sport event is 269 athletes participated in Southeast Asian Shooting Competition.

Indonesian Shooting and Hunting Association (Perbakin) held the 39th Southeast Asia Shooting Championship in Senayan shooting range, Jakarta. Perbakin General Secretary M Indra Wargadalem on Monday during a press conference said, there will be 269 shooters to participate on November 17th-26th. He said, the eight countries to parcitipate are Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Indonesia. Indonesia itself deploys 56 athletes, added with 16 junior athletes.

M Indra Wargadalem said, initially the event would be held in Palembang, but due to the haze, Jakarta replaced it. Indra added, in the competition, Indonesia targets three gold with its best category, sniping. According to him, Thailand is a tough opponent, because their athletes are always stable when shooting. He also hoped the competition can be a trial game before facing the SEA Games and Asian Games.


Our next sports news is from Weightlifting. Sri Hartati grabs gold at World Weightlifting Championship in Luxemburg.

Sri Hartati who entered the women’s 57kg class successfully gained gold in the 2015 WorldWeightlifting Championship in Luxemburg, after making a total lifting of 537.5 kg. According to the data from Indonesian Weightlifting Association (PABBSI), the total lifting came from 210kg in squat category, 135kg bench press, and 192.5kg dead lift.

The achievement during the 2015 World Weightlifting Championship in Luxemburg made the management and even the leader of PABBSI Rosan P Roeslani. According to him, this is expected to motivate other athletes to participate in another world championship, in Houston, United States.

In the World Weightlifting Championship in Luxemburg, Indonesia only sent two athletes. Besides Sri Hartati, PABBSI also deployed another athlete from Lampung, Noviaan Sari. However, her achievement had not followed her partner. In the prestigious event, Noviana Sari contributed a bronze medal through total 570kg lift, consisting of 225kg in squat, 130kg in bench press, and 215kg in dead lift.


We end this week’s Sport World with Rafting. 24 countries join World Rafting Champhionship in Sukabumi.

As many as 650 rafters of 24 countries will participate in World Rafting Championship 2015 in Citarik river, Cijambe village, Sukabumi regency, West Java in November 29th to December 8th 2015.

Indonesian Rafting Federation (FAJI) in their press statement in Jakarta on Monday said, the region will host the competition with R6 category, 6 athletes in one boat. The R6 category will be divided into 4 classes, including master class for over 40 years old participants, open class for all age, teenage class for under 19, and junior class for under 23.

Director of 2015 World Rafting Championship Amalia Yunita said, the event is a good opportunity for Indonesia to win and to introduce Indonesian water sport tourism to the world. Indonesia, Amalia added, will deploy 49 best rafters in 7 teams in all categories except women’s master class.

Amalia said, the depth of Citarik river has reached 80cm as the requirement for the competition, after the rain has fallen in the early November. Captain of Indonesian Senior National Team, Abu Hanifah said, Indonesian team could not be reckless in the competition despite of becoming the host.

Well, that was the Sport World over RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia. Thank you and meet again next week with more sports news and events.


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