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UGM Students Develop Maritime Border Violation Prevention Technology

MISCELLANY, 06-12-2015

Indonesia is the fifth largest country in the world bordered by a number of countries. It shares land borders with Papua New GuineaEast Timor, and Malaysia. As for Indonesia's marine area, bordering ten countries namely Australia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapura, Vietnam, Philippines, PNG, Palau and Timor Leste.

Security in the border region both on the land  and in the sea is very important for the sovereignty of a country. Maritime boundary violations often occur in border areas. Not infrequently the violation led to the arrest of Indonesian fishermen by neighboring countries. These problem prompted  a number of students at the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta to develop technologies to prevent violations of Indonesian maritime boundary.

Three UGM students  namely, I Made Sapta Hadi and Bagas Lail Ramadhan, students of the Department of Geodesy and Imaddudin A Majid, of  Department of Electrical Engineering. successfully developed  technological innovations to prevent such violations .

Sapta said that the development of this tool started  from their concern for the rampant cases of violation of maritime boundaries in the border region. Often these cases led to the arrest of Indonesian fishermen by neighboring countries.

One of the causes of the boundary violation is related to ignorance of the fishermen where the boundaries of the country are. "Especially in the middle of the sea its limit line are not very clear," he explained last  Monday (30/11) at UGM.

Under the guidance of a Technical Geodesy lecturer , I Made Andi Arsana,  who is also an expert in the field of maritime boundaries, Sapta and his friends made an alarm that is integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS) and entered  the coordinates of maritime boundaries agreed with neighboring countries .

The tool named Swates (Suwanten Wates) or in Indonesian language Border Sound is  easy to  operate. Swates works  by providing early warning in the form of an alarm signal when the device is brought near to the border.

So when fishermen are sailing  closer to the border region automatically the tool will provide early warning sounds so that they  do not pass through maritime boundary. "The device has been tested and is able to provide early warning with  position accuracy of 2.5 meters from the boundary line defined," he explained.

Swates is not only able to prevent the occurrence of violations of the maritime boundary in Indonesia especially those carried out by fishermen in border areas, it also   won the first place in the National Contest of Innovative Geospatial in the Faculty of Engineering, UGM held from  27 to 29 November 2015.

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