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MISCELLANY 10.11.2016

71 years ago, exactly on November 10th 1945 there was a heroic event in Surabaya, East Java. Indonesian  people, especially Surabaya communities at that time fighting against foreign troops. The fight that becomes a national symbol of the fighting against colonialism because was the first fighting after Indonesia gained its independence. Surabaya lost many of their best men and people of Surabaya become the victims. The fight that ends on November 10, 1945 make Surabaya is known as the city of heroes and the Indonesian government set the day as the National Heroes Day. 

Indonesian government always commemorates the National Heroes Day every November 10th annually by holding flag ceremony. The commemoration was held to remember and commemorate the fighting of Indonesian heroes and the fighters to defend the Indonesia’s independence. The commemoration is also aimed to bring Indonesian people’s awareness to love their country and unite Indonesia as a nation. Indonesian government through the Social Affairs Ministry has agreed to raise “Unity for Nation” as the theme of the National Heroes Day this year. The theme has a message to all Indonesians to unite and realize Indonesian dreams.

Series of events have been planned to commemorate the National Heroes Day 2016. Starting from sow flower ceremony on the heroes cemetery in Kalibata and Jakarta Bay continued with the inauguration of National heroes award by President Joko Widodo. Other series events such as Healthy walk, mass prayer, art performances, warakawuri friendly hours, Heroes Olympic, pilgrimage tour and heroes gala dinner. 


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