MISCELLANY 11.11.2016

In this information era, competition of a nation is determined by the the quality of humanresources. 

Police resort of Medan, North Sumatra are actively fixingtheir performance to maximize their service for the people. This development is marked by launching an application called “Medan police Headquarter” that can be downloaded in ‘Playstore’ for smartphone android base. This is the topic we will inform you in Miscellany today. 

Medan police resort Commissioner Police, H. Mardiaz Kusin Dwihananto said that this application is part of service and public compliance. The application is similar with the Online driving license registration, police data and information about Medan police resort. The main service in the application is fast response button that is directly integrated to the standby police personnel.  

After downloading the application, people are obligated to fill their data. So, online GPS application can be run by the police.  

The quick respond feature is used when the citizensneed quick handling to respond murder, rape, robbery and other crimes.

When the quick respond button is used, all police personnel’s mobile phones on duty will ring, including the head of police sector. The residents’ location that hitsthe button is directly tracked. So, the officers can immediately come to the crime spot to overcome the problem.   

This application can hopefully help residents of Medan to report any kinds of criminal action that have a potential to harm Medan’s residents.  Head of Medan police resort, Commissioner Mardiaz also hopes that Medan people can use the application correctly. Hopefully, this application can make people feel more secured and comfortable to live their lives. He also warned people not to play games on this application. Because, it can make his officers work not maximally and the person that plays games can be brought to justice.


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