MISCCELANY 18.11.2016

After successfully holding the Jogja International Heritage walk 2015, Jogja walking association is back to hold the event this year. The 8th jogja international heritage walk is held on November 19th – 20th in Prambanan temple and Imogiri heritage village. Jogja International heritage walk is an international fun walking event that brings several concepts such as health, education and communication with edutrip, green environment campaign “save the nature”, and introduce the culture heritage values through “rerspect the culture” and ecotourism through 1.000-tree-planting movement. This year, the Jogja international heritage walk event takes  the theme “ save the nature, respect the culture, Jogja to the world”. That’s why, the presence of the event aims at not only fun walking but also other sub-events such as drawing with Canting for life that gives education about Batik making and weaving for life that definitely enriches our knowledge about cultural heritage. This year’s series of event will begin by dinner greeting on November 18th in Agung Royal hall Hotel Ambarukmo. The delegation that participate in this event will be invited to enjoy the dinner.

On November 19th 2016, the participants will go around Prambanan temple to enjoy the natural beauty and share with local
people hospitality. On November 20th 2016, the participants will walk around the Imogiri Heritage village. In this location, they will see the uniqueness of the people in the village that still preserve their traditional culture until today. They can also directly interact with the local people’s daily lives such as farming or teaching in Imogiri schools. Jogja walking association has been chaired by GKR Mangkubumi since 2008 after successfully holding an international annual event by the name ‘Jogja International heritage walk’. This event has officially been named as the member of the international marching league since May 7th 2013 along with 28 other countries. This event also has been officialy declared as the member of Internationa Sports  Federation that runs the Thriathlon. The acknowledgment makes Indonesia as the only country in ASEAN that becomes the member of the International marching league. The series of event will be closed by the farewell party in the “Kepatihan Hall” of the gubernatorial office on Maliboro street Yogyakarta. The participants will be served with dinner and award celebration for participants that have completed the route as the International marching league standard. The event has attracted many fun walkers in the world. The royal princes medal will be given for foreign participants that will be presented by GKR Mangkubumi as a Yogyakarta dedication to walkers around the world. Meanwhile, the local participants can also receive the royal princes medal if the requirements are fulfilled.


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