MISCELLANY 25.11.2016

The role of teacher is really important for the nationaldevelopment . Teacher alway do their best to implement dignity for the nation and could determine the success of education in the country. Moreover, teacher also build a foundation to prepare students in developing the academic potency in the future . As an appreciation to all teachers in Indonesia or those who stay abroad, the Indonesian government decided November 25th as the National Teachers Day . Today’s edition of Miscellany, I will inform you about the National Teacher Day. 

The question is why the 25th of November chose as the NationalTeacher Day? To answer the question, lets’ go back to the history of the establishment ofIndonesian teachers Association –PGRI . In colonialism era, the indigenous teachers organization was established in 1912 with the name the Netherlands TeacherAssociation –PGHB . Theorganization is non-profitable that consist of village teachers, auxiliaryteacher, principal and school supervisors .   At that time, the teacher’s struggle is no longer about faith, not about right equality with the Netherlands but still struggling to independece and shouted “Merdeka”. In 1932 the name than change into IndonesianTeacher Association –PGI .

When Japanese occupied Indonesia, all organizations with the name Indonesia wereforbidden, Schools were closed, the teachers association can no longerrun their activities . 

After Indonesia’s independence on August 17th 1945, the proclamationspirit has fired the implementation of Indonesian Teachers Congress on November 24 to 25th 1945 in Surakarta . Through this congress, all teacher organizations inIndonesia has agreed to be abolished . Based on thePresidential decree  no.78 1994 the Indonesian government dedicated that November 25th is decided as the National Teacher Day. 

The theme of the National TeacherDay commemoration is “Guru dan Tenaga Kependidikan, Mulia Karena Karya” or   “Teachers and Education Personnel, Noble For Work as the theme of last year’sNational Teacher’s Day . The themestill relevant with the government policy to appreciate teacher and academicians toward the justice, prosperity and civilized people amid global people.

The peak of National Teacher’s Day 2016 will be held on November 27th in Sentul International Convention Center, Sentul, Bogor, West Java . President Joko Widodo also plan to be present which will be attended by 10.000 teachers . 




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