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MUSIC CORNER 08.01.2017

Natasha Mannuela Halim is the  winner of Miss Indonesia 2016 beauty contest from  Bangka Belitung province. She  represented Indonesia in Miss World 2016 held in Oxon Hill, Maryland, US on Sunday, December 19th 2016 and managed to maintain the highest achievement for Indonesia as the second runner-up and Miss World Asia 2016. Natasha Manuella,  wearing eagle style   traditional costumes managed to capture  the attention of the jury. In the preparation process following the Miss World 2016, Natasha attended Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) located in Jember, East Java. At that time, Natasha tried a number of costumes  but the one that attracted her  was  the eagle costume. Eventually, the costume brought the  women who was born in Jakarta, May 9, 1994 to be  one of the champions of the   most prestigious beauty event in the world.

Natasha Manuella or  Acha as she is familiarly called, has a wide range of social activities.   She  teaches  healthy living education and socialization for children scavengers in informal school or known as nature school. She also started a  shredded catfish business  with housewives  and built a catfish pond with the husbands in order to become a major capital community. Lastly, Acha also undertake the  nature school renovation behind a mountain of trash, so that children can learn in a relatively comfortable environment.  As a student majoring in business, Natasha was awarded Best Business Development Project for the fashion category with the team through LOCAPOCA SANDALS business projects in 2014. Acha admitted her  interest in fashion business because she asseses fashion will never become extinct and evolving according to era. She  produces various flip-flops with a variety of colors, LOCAPOCA is  taken from the Sanskrit word meaning contributions to mankind. 

Natasha Manuella is also  very concerned with the cleanliness of the environment. In an Instagram uploads, she participated in a social activity with the City Changer Community. Natasha and her friends cleaned the area of Bekasi terminal, complete with brooms and dustpans. Natasha Manuella, loves her hometown  Bangka Belitung where she finds a very close kinship and mutual cooperation among residents. Acha has a desire in the future to fix the existing public facilities in the Islands province  so that the public and tourists can be more comfortable in Bangka Belitung. Natasha Manuella has a dream to bring  the name of Indonesia in various countries. As a young entrepreneur, she aspires to accommodate domestic product. She also wants to venture tourism that have not been exposed, rich culture, so the people can see and be proud of Indonesia.


Business Address

Jl. Merdeka Barat, 4-5, 4th Floor,

Jakarta 10110.

Phone: +62 21 3456 811,

Fax: +62 21 3500 990

email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.