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mathematics house for students in Surabaya

Students in the city of Surabaya in East Java, especially students of Elementary School (SD) and Junior High School (SMP), now have easy access to "more closely acquainted 'with subjects dreaded by most students, math. Surabaya Government has built a house located in the complex of BalaiPemuda. The house with a capacity of 80 students can be used for free by the residents of Surabaya, has been inaugurated by the mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, on Thursday, January 5, 2017. During this time quite a lot of students who have been wrong about learning math, therefore they consider this study as creepy and difficult. This can be seen from the value of math students in Surabaya, which average less good. That's why the house was established this math.

Mayor Tri Rismaharini said, the important thing is the process of teaching, not just about the sheer value. Math needs to be packaged in a fun as it relates to everyday life. She added, in the future, there will be some volunteers from the study group became the tutor / teacher in the House of Mathematics. The learning process started at 14.30 pm until 16.00 pm and 16.00 pm-17.30. Students who want to actively studiedat Home Math, can enroll in to then set schedule. According to Tri Rismaharini, the concept of later learning more play, so that students feel math lessons that can be applied in everyday life.

The Chairman of the City Board of Education Surabaya, Martadi appreciates the positive initiatives city officials to build a House of Mathematics. According to him, the presence of Home Mathematics will be able to answer the question in Surabaya where there are students who have difficulty understanding the math. He said this problem is not only in Surabaya, but also in many other parts of Indonesia. Martadi hope Houses Mathematics should also touch math teachers in Surabaya in order to improve the quality of teaching. According Martadi, for some teachers in teaching mathematics still more associate with the question and answer the question. Not on what is the use of mathematics in life, so many children who are not interested.

Therefore, Martadi proposed that the House of Mathematics as well as a place to up grade teacher competence. Teachers need to be taught how to teach mathematics realistic to make children love to learn math. Martadi also hope Houses Mathematics is not just reserved for students that are difficult to understand mathematics. But also to nurture students who have special abilities in mathematics so that later can be directed mathematics olympic world level.

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