MISCELLANY 12.01.2017

Fake information or hoax is often spread in the internet and social media for the last few days . It tends to fake information if there is no source of infromation that can be verified . News or information is also tended to cover both side and written on the tendensius tone . Hoax information is also displayed by anonimous sources . In responds to this issue currently numbers of media social and people  conducting  a declaration of Indonesian anti-hoax community and the socialization of the impact of negative hoax .  

The declaration of Indonesian Anti-hoax community and socialization of the negative impact of hoax was held in the middle of the crowd of car free day on Sunday, January 8th 2017 in Jakarta . Besides Jakarta, the declaration was also held in Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Wonosobo and Bandung . This activity is hopefully can attract social media users not to spread fake information or unclear issues without a source . The initiative of Indonesian anti-hoax community, begins from Indonesian netizen that tried to fight hoax sporadically by establishing anti-hoax groups in social media . This movement then gathered and compile into Indonesian anti-hoax community to widen their movement . The community also make several activities such as socialization and workshop about fighting against hoax . 

The Indonesian Anti-Hoax community spread and actively developed in several provinces in Indonesia . Each of them move independently as they need . In Yogyakarta for instance they make cultural approach while in Surabaya through academic activities . To fight against hoax people can also join with anti-hoax group that spread in social media such as facebook . Besides people can also report it through the hoax website Turn Back Hoax, at alamatdata.turnbackhoax.id . This site is one of initiatives of Indonesian anti-hoax community to identified hoax and also functioned as hoax data base in Indonesia . 


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