Coffee was first found in Ethiopia and then it was developed to the middle east and has become European royal drink ever since. Coffee came for the first time to Indonesia, carried by the Dutch. One of Indonesian regions that is famous with its coffee is Jambi. Kerinci Robusta coffee grew on the people’s planting area on the tropical highland. The coffee plantation lies on the 1000 to 1500 meters above sea level. Coffee tree is identical with its red fruits and reaches 1.50 to 2.00 meters high.   

During the colonial era, the pleasant taste of coffee cannot be enjoyed by the Kerinci farmers. Because, all crops were taken by the Dutch and sold to Europe. But the farmers always have way to enjoy the coffee.

Young coffee leaves considered as waste are used by the farmers to make coffee. The leaves are sliced into small pieces. Then, they are put under the sun until the color changes into black. Afterwards, they are put in boiling water. Local people call it Kawo coffee or coffee leaf extract.    

Drinking coffee leaf extract becomes a habit for the farmers. Because, it has different kinds of flavor and taste. Normally, farmers drink it without adding anything but some farmers add brown sugar in it.

The unique thing is that the farmers used to drink this coffee on the coconut shell called Sayak. Meanwhile, the water container is made of bamboo called Tagek.

To have a maximum flavor, the Kawo extract has to be put in the open pot for one night. So, the steam will have a synergy with the Kawo.

Today Kerinci is not the only place where you can enjoy Kawo because in West Sumatera and Lampung, Kawo drink is also provided.

Payakumbuh in West Sumatera Kawo has a good business offer. The restaurant and café owners innovate Kawo with cinnamons, milk, lemon, ginger and others.

Young generations and tourists love this traditional drink and gain new source for the culinary business owners.

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