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Banyunibo Waterfall

Gunungkidul is one of regencies in Yogyakarta. The regency became the primadona destination of the tourists when visiting Yogyakarta, because of the wealth and natural beauty of the district which is mostly covered by Limestone Mountains. Not only natural attraction such as beaches, Gunungkidul also has a number of caves and waterfalls that you have to visit if you come there. Especially for waterfalls, we suggest you to visit the Banyunibo Waterfall.

Banyunibo waterfall is located in the Batur village, Patuk subdistrict, Gunung Kidul Regency. The location of this waterfall can be reached in one hour drive from Yogyakarta. The location is not too far from the tourism object of Purba Nglanggeran Volcano. From the Yogyakarta city center you just need to go to Jalan Wonosari until Pathuk police post office. From the Police post there is a sign towards Nglanggeran tourism object. After that, you will pass the winding road towards Nglanggeran. The location of Banyunibo waterfall is approximately 2 kilometers after the Nglanggeran tourism site. When arriving at the location you will be greeted with wide parking area. From the location to reach the beauty of Banyunibo Waterfall you have to walk approximately 400 meters. An access to reach the waterfall has been good enough. You also have to pay the admission to the tourism site with only Rp.3000 per person and parking tickets Rp.2000 per vehicle.

From the distance, Banyunibo waterfall not so visible clearly because it is blocked by large stones. According to the local residents, the big stones are the cliffs of the Banyunibo waterfall caused by the earthquake wrecked in 2006. When arriving near the waterfalls, you will be amazed by the beauty of Banyunibo waterfall. The waterfall is 35 meters high.  During the rainy season, the waterfall has quite large water discharge. Located among the hills, the waterfall is so beautiful, blend with green landscape of hills and paddy fields.

Banyunibo derived from two words of Javanese language, Banyu which means water and Nibo means to fall. The waterfall offers clear and cool water. You can play the water while enjoying its freshness. To enjoy this waterfall, it is better if you visit the object during the rainy season, because water discharge will be large. Due to the Banyunibo waterfall relatively unspoiled, the place is not popular yet among tourists.  There are also not available restaurants around the site . You must bring your own food supplies. Visiting Putat village, travelers can not only enjoy the beauty of Banyunibo waterfall. Ingkung chicken culinary can be found in Kampung Mas Plumbungan, while you can find various wooden crafts and masks in Bobung village, and snacks from bananas produced by Kepil residents, Putat village.

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