Santhi Serad

Shanti Serad’s  educational background in the field of food and her idealism in the culinary world, encouraged  Shanti Serad to actively preserve Indonesian cuisine. Santhi together WILLIAM WONGSO, and another culinary expert Bondan Winarno, also founded “I Love Indonesian cuisine” (ACMI). The vision of this movement is to preserve, develop, document, and disseminate the wealth of traditional culinary culture of Indonesia. For them it is time for the Indonesian nation to be proud with their own cuisine and to  introduce it  to the international world.

Santhi Serad spent her childhood in Bandung. Initially she aspired to become an engineer. Her family later moved to Semarang, Central Java. In that city, Santhi completed basic education to achieve a degree in engineering from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Diponegoro University. That is the first step towards the profession as a scientist in food technology. Santhi then continued her  study in Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Thre she studied healthy food processing from the  raw materials, storage, processing, to packaging.

After graduating, Santhi Serad worked  in one of the first chewy candy manufactured in Indonesia. At that time, about 80 percent of its products were exported, mainly to Japan and the United States. Working as a quality control manager in a factory with 3,000 employees was certainly a valuable experience for Santhi. However, her  interest and at the same time,  concerns on biodiversity, including medicinal plants, made  her changed direction  and  built her own  herbal company.

In 2012, Shanti Serad with William Wongso and Bondan Winarno pioneered  “I Love Indonesian cuisine” (ACMI) communitity. Together with  WILLIAM WONGSO Santhi Serad promoted the culinary flavors of Indonesia, both to the young people in the country and the world. This community also has a goal to keep the erosion of native Indonesian recipes from the wave  of instant food from abroad. In this organization Santhi acts  as chairman. The activities included  educating  the public on the culinary diversity of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. This was carried out among others through regular potluck and culinary sharing agenda.  There is also  culinary program sharing to introduce the ingredients of cuisine from various regions in Indonesia.

Not enough only at domestic level, ACMI is also actively promoting the culinary flavors of Indonesia to the international level. Working closely with the Ministry of Tourism, ACMI conducts culinary diplomacy. Shanti Serad preserves the archipelago culinary andf  develops herb garden in Bandung. The goals of making her own  herb garden  is actually part of the ideals to preserve the diversity of plants in Indonesia. Santhi’s  herb garden is  located in Dago, Bandung. The garden now has a collection of over 300 herbs of Indonesia.

 In addition to collecting medicinal herbs, her  Herbal Garden also has produced herbal products up to  herbal recipes which result in part can be seen  on the menu  of the cafe. In the Herbal garden Santhi made  a cafe with menus made from herbs. Herbal Gardens also not only as the development of herbal plants that result made for medicine or food, but also can be used as a means of education. Therefore, the Herbal Gardens is also frequented by people who want to know and learn about herbs. In the garden there is a special place to learn, and not just get a theory,  the practice can also be done directly in the garden. In addition,, the Herbal Gardens is also often a place of learning for students who want to do some  research, and is open also to students seeking internships. Not only developing herbal medicines, Herbal Gardens also serves as a laboratory for developing herbal menus.  In November, Herworld magazine gave 10 awards for Indonesian women who exceled and has made a great contribution to the community in an  event called  Woman of the Year 2016. Shanti Serad was  one of them. She  has also written a book entitled, 'Tea and Herbal Tea: A Cultural Heritage'.

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