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West Java Province is preparing Ciletuh to be World Geopark

Provincial Government of West Java is currently working to develop tourism destination -Geopark Ciletuh in Sukabumi. The provincial government is also preparing Ciletuh be a World Geopark or UNESCO Global Geopark. To support the preparation, the provincial government will form Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of Geopark Ciletuh. This policy was decided after the preparatory meeting of Geopark Ciletuh –Palabuhan Ratu at Gedung Sate, in Bandung, West Java. Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) of West Java claimed that the preparation of Geopark Ciletuh to become World Geopark or UNESCO Global Geopark has reached 80 percent.

Regional Assistant II for the Economy and Regional Development Secretariat of West Java Province, Denny Juanda said, UPTD will manage technically Geopark Ciletuh which has been confirmed as National Geopark in 2015, under the Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java and Sukabumi. Denny also said that UPTD has been also formed in order to prepare the arrival of the Fact Finding Mission of UNESCO in April. The team will come to the Sukabumi district to evaluate and verify the readiness of the Geopark Ciletuh – Palabuhan Ratu before it is decided to enter into the world’s Geopark network.

UNESCO team will check one by one point to be assessed, including road infrastructure to the area of geopark, and signpost directions to the book's availability. In addition, there are three important things that will be evaluated. They are geological diversity (geodiversity), biological diversity (biodiversity) and cultural diversity (culturdiversity).

Denny further said, the government will prepare the infrastructure and facility of Ciletuh in a bid to be successfully crowned as the world Geopark. He added that UNESCO asked for various detailed items, including the traffic signs to the area of Geopark. Denny is sure that fewer than three months before the arrival of the Fact Finding Mission, all preparations have been completed.The entire cost for Geopark’s preparation and the arrival of the team from the UNESCO was taken from West Java’s regional budget, Sukabumi district budget and from CSR Bank BJB. UNESCO will establish whether Geopark Ciletuh - PelabuhanRatu entry in the World Geopark network or UNESCO Global Geopark at the end of 2017. In addition Geopark Ciletuh, Indonesia also proposes Rinjani to gain entry to the World Geopark network.

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