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Indonesian Film Artist Association Day (PARFI)

The establishment of Indonesian Film Artist Association Day started due to its absent activities during the Japanese occupation in Indonesia. The establishment of the profession organization by the artists has been initiated since 1940 when Indonesian artist union was formed. The members of Indonesian artist union are the theatre artists, dancers, directors, singers and painters. In 1951, Association of Indonesian Film and Theater Artist -Persafi was established but this association also experienced a setback in its activities.

The first PARFI congress was held in 1953. It was officially inaugurated by the first lady Fatmawati Soekarno Putri on March 10th 1956. Then, it was set as PARFI Day. PARFI is the only Indonesian artist association to fight for the ideas of Indonesian film industry as expected by Umar Ismail  who was one of the founders of PARFI. Umar said that through film, PARFI could give contribution to Indonesian revolution.

In a small book to commemorate 24-year establishment of PARFI, it is said that PARFI is not a political party and will never join in political practice. In 1964 in the era of New Order, this organization involved some of its members in politic. After getting rid of itself from politic, PARFI is well known by Indonesian people through several activities such as cultural, social and environmental ones. Today, PARFI’s branches have been established in several regions of Indonesia.

In its 61 years old, PARFI was led by Marcella Zalianty who was officially installed on October 24th 2016. Under her leadership, PARFI members run several programs with the theme ACTION that stands for Active, Creative, Total, Innovative, Organizer and Nationalist.

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