March 30th every year is commemorated as the National Film Day. The date is chosen because on March 30th 1950, it was the first day of Darah dan Doa or Long March of Siliwangi directed by Usmar Ismail. This film is assessed as the first local film that has Indonesian touch. Besides, it was also the first film that was really directed by Indonesian people and produced by the first Indonesian production house (Perfini) where Usmar Ismail was also recorded as the founder. 

The Education and Culture Ministry, Creative Economy Agency and National Film Company also held Indonesian film day on March 2017. This year’s theme is “celebrating Indonesian diversity”. Through the theme, Indonesian government hopes that Indonesian people can appreciate diversities better than before. There were several activities on 11 until 12 of March in Dome Theatre of Muhamadiyah University in Malang, Easy Java such as writing a story, parents dialogue forum, animation making, flip-book animation introduction, animated art work exhibition, playing an Indonesian film entitled “Pasoa and Sang pemberani”. On March 16th to 17th, there were also a discussion and presentation from regional film community representatives. There was also workshop for basic film making on March 6th to 22nd in Sidoarjo and film project expo on March 23rd to 24th 2017.

One of the interesting parts of this event was to play a film in community and mobile movie theatre. On March 21st to 30th, the communities from several regions across Indonesia such as Aceh, Ambon, Cilacap, Denpasar, Bandar Lampung, Bandung, Kupang, Medan, Malang, Palangkaraya and Sukabumi held the mobile movie theatre simultaneously. Film and art celebration (FILARTC) was the main event from the whole series of the National Film Day 2017. Located in National film center on March 30th until April 1st 2017, FILARTC was holding Indonesian film history exhibition, film make-up, film costume and officially opened the “Layar Indonesia” program in Indonesian cinema. 



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