MISCELLANY, 07.04.2017

April 7th was chosen as International Health Day by World Health Organization –WHO to commemorate the establishment of world health organization and it is an interesting opportunity to attract the world attention of realizing global health problem every year. The statement occurred when WHO held the first world health conference in 1948. This conference has decided to commemorate world health day on April 7th every year since 1950. This commemoration is held on the international, regional and local scale with different theme every year.

On April 7th 2016, WHO highlighted a theme ‘To beat diabetic because diabetic mellitus is considered as chronic disease and becomes world issue. It also becomes a global epidemic that strikes countries with low and medium income. In 2017, WHO highlighted a theme “Depression” with campaign name “Let’s Talk”. Why did WHO take this theme in 2017? According to WHO, more than 300 million people around the world have tried to handle depression. In 1990, WHO reported 10 main causes of disabilities; 5 of them are psychic health such as depression, alcoholic, bipolar disturb, schizophrenia and compulsive obsessive. 

WHO assessed that depression can be the main cause of disease in the world in 2020. Therefore, this organization urges international people to find the best solution for the people who are depressed. Because today, those who suffer from depression do not have support from the people closed to them and government institution in the world.

Depression is psychic disease with being sorrowful and desperate at certain moment. Actually, this is a normal reaction when human beings face problems in their life. But, depression can be dangerous, when reaction and sorrow turn into desperation that continue for long time.

With “Let’s Talk” campaign, it is hoped that many people will care with someone who is depressed. Usually, people with depression want to share their problems to someone they trust. This is the early process to recovery.


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