On May 20th, the 32nd Gawai Dayak Festival 2017 in Pontianak, West Kalimantan was opened by the West Kalimantan Governor and National Dayak Forum President, Cornelis. This year, the theme of the festival is about „Increasing Tolerance in religion“. This theme has brought peaceful messege in Indonesian Unity and Pancasila Ideology. Gawai Dayak is a thanksgiving tradition after harvesting the crops. The event is held every year in Pontianak and attended by Dayak tribes all over Indonesia and Malaysia. This event has been an annual agenda in West Kalimantan. This year, the event is held in Betang Panjang traditonal house of Dayak Tribe from May 20th to 27th 2017.

The event was opened with Dayak traditional dance in the yard of Betang Panjang house. The native origins of United State, Indian tribes also participate in the event and perform their musical instrument. For one week, the event also performs cultural parade, fashion show and culinary, traditional games, singing contest and dance and other performing arts. This event is not only for Dayak people but also for anyone from any tribes who come.

For Dayak people, Gawai Dayak has ceremony to do in the city and Rumah Panjang which means long house. Food is offered to the God of Pady for good result. On the ritual ceremony, the chief tribe will read some magic and give chicken blood on the offering. After the ceremony, Gawai Dayak will be officially started. A Ranyai or banana tree will be displayed in the middle of the room and completed with food and drink. They will also visit their family and friends so-called ‘Ngabang’. The traditional cloth will be worn along with their unique jewelries. The Gawai Dayak festival will be closed and ended after the banana tree is taken down.


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