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Siak Bermadah Festival 2017

Siak Regency of Riau Province, this year held Siak Bermadah Festival again. This festival is an annual event as an arena of cultural arts competition among sub-districts in Siak Regency which held in Siak Capital, Siak Sri Indrapura. This event is also to commemorate the anniversary of Siak Regency. Types of competitions that are usually competed in this festival is Zapin (Malay dance that gets influence from Arab), Bride Parade, Revered Verse, Jokes, Nasyid, Malay Literature, Creation Dance and others. Besides Siak community, this activity is also followed by people from Bangka Belitung, North Sumatera, West Sumatera, DKI Jakarta and Jambi provinces. Since last year the Siak Festival has also been participated by participants from neighboring countries allied, namely Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Siak Regend, H Syamsuar officially opened the 15th Siak Festival 2017 on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. The theme adopted this year is "Develop Custom and Culture to Raise Nation Dignity". In his speech, Syamsuar said that Siak Bermadah Festival is an appreciation of Malay art and culture in Siak Regency. According to Syamsuar, this Siak Bermadah Festival has been transformed into one of the leading tourism events in Siak. This is due to the presence of participants and delegates who came from within and abroad. He said that the Festival which will become the annual event of the pre-eminent tourism of Siak Regency is in line with the realization of Siak who is prosperous in the society of the religious and cultured Malay as well as making Siak as a tourism destination in Sumatra. Syamsuar added, this event as well as an effective means to educate the public, to be more solidly established to live with the values of philosophy as a Malay in the Malay world.

This Festival is also a forum for evaluation of cultural arts development of Malay society rich in customs. Implementation of the value of traditional arts and culture through this activity is expected to inspire people to have character in accordance with Malay traditional culture. Syamsuar also invited the participants to enjoy the atmosphere of Siak Sri Indrapura City which has many relics of historical heritage, as well as distinctive religious and natural attractions.

Meanwhile, Head of Tourism Office Siak Fauzi Asni, said this activity is an effort to develop the potential of both culture and art and is expected to be an inspiration in the application of local wisdom in social life. He added that this year, Siak Festival held Zapin Kreasi Baru International dance competition which was followed by several arts teams including teams from overseas such as from Malaysia which sent Sanggar Budaya Sri Pengkalan and Singapore which sent Sangar Gentari.



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