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ITB Students Create a Portable-Incubator for Baby in Disaster Location

The incubator for treating premature babies is usually used in hospitals or health clinics. Institute of Technology of Bandung (ITB)’s Students has created a portable incubator. Amanda Putri, one of the team members who created a portable incubator, said the device was designed to help evacuate babies at natural disaster sites. This is made by 5 students of ITB namely Amanda Putri, Ismail, Aming Yahya from Engineering Physics, Isra Ramadani from chemical engineering and Dzatia Muti from Product Engineering.

This portable incubator is shaped like a backpack that is often used by nature lovers. But in it there is empty space that can be used for a baby. This incubator can only be used by babies of zero age up to a maximum of one year. This tool is then equipped with various technologies. Although it is not a luxury technology, but this tool is considered capable of helping the evacuation of babies at the site of natural disasters.

In this portable incubator, students attach cloth made from blankets and paraffin material which can make the baby inside feel warm. On each side is plastered with several tools, such as three pumps with two hoses connected to a membrane tube on the other side. According to Amanda, the pumps used are aquarium pumps that are useful for taking air around and going into the membram filter. This filtering is necessary to reduce the risk of bad air in disaster sites, such as viruses or bacteria. This tool does have a significant difference with the usual incubator found in the hospital. Portable incubators do not need to use electricity and are not only used for premature babies.

Amanda added that this incubator is created because she and her colleagues noticed that so far there is no security system for babies in the disaster area. The presence of this portable incubator can be suppressed to reduce the number of baby mortality in the disaster area. This incubator is created to participate in a student creativity competition organized by the Ministry of Research and Technology Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) in 2017. Amanda said it took a year to make this incubator, including research and proposal creation. In general, this team has no trouble getting the materials. The team admitted they had difficulty in finding the tailor. Fortunately, this team found a tailor who is willing to sew this portable-incubator. With this incubator, the ITB team has reached the national stage and got a silver medal from The ministry.

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